Honoring Our Heroes-Thank You 2015

Honoring Our Heroes-Thank You 2015

Published: August 3, 2015


First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your sponsorship. July 25th was a very special day for us and many others. There were so many emotions going around throughout the day. Whether is was our veterans or just individuals who have never experienced what it is like to take the time to respect and honor our heroes. These men and women have sacrificed so much for us and our country. Just know that if you were unable to attend this event, it was an amazing day and your sponsorship made a huge impact on many veterans and active duty personnel. Our goal was to send 20 veterans and active duty personnel up in the helicopter for a free membership flight, but to my surprise, John Walker (co-founder of American Huey 369) said they would be taking each veteran and/or active duty personnel who registered for the drawing due to the enormous amount of sponsorships! He said "we turned them away once, and are not turning them away again!" This was possible because of people like you!

Robert Pulley, a World War II veteran said it was one of the best days of his life. Dortha Castle, also a World War II veteran said it was probably the first time she felt proud that she was in the military. Hearing these stories and seeing the things that happened on this day is what makes it so special. Most veterans did not get the respect and thanks they deserved and this was a day to give them what they have probably been waiting so many years to hear.

Many times when you sponsor events, you never hear where the money goes or how much goes to what. As a business owner, I have sponsored or donated money to multiple things and never had the opportunity to see where the money goes, so I would like to show you this from our event. We raised $19,266.00 from sponsorships, the gun raffle and the silent auction. All of this total was donated to American Huey 369, with $4800.00 covering the 48 memberships flights given away and the remainder of $14466.00 going to the National American Huey History Museum! This was possible due to your support as sponsors and Triple LLL Truck Repair, Inc.'s donation of expenses. We did this because it means so much to us and knowing how it affects so many lives.

We feel humbled, blessed and very grateful that we were able to host such an awesome event for the second time, with nearly 400 people in attendance. We look forward to holding this event again in 2017. This was the 139th event American Huey 369 has done in the past 9 years, with none ever being cancelled due to weather or the aircraft. That is not a coincidence, God wants these events to happen.

Again, thank you so much for supporting such an amazing and special event!

Triple LLL Truck Repair, Inc.

Ryan Long

We will have pictures from the event on our website soon, as well as the American Huey 369 website.

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