Truck Alignments


Allignment Issues?

  • Are you tired of alignments that do not work?
  • Do you get aggravated getting your truck aligned and they say "everything checks out" or "everything is in spec"?

We Can Help

Well, here at Triple LLL Truck Repair, Inc., we will run your truck through our 47 point alignment inspection and consult you. No matter what anyone tells you, your tires will not lie. Can your previous alignment tech explain why your tires are wearing the way they are or do they just give you some fancy computer print out that you don't understand? We can!

There are multiple factors in tire wear-tow, caster, camber, king pin inclamation, thrust, off center, 5th wheel placements, wheel bearings, worn suspension components, bent frame, and the list goes on. Every truck has its' own story. We take pride in saving our customers money on costly tire replacements. Tire wear is the "crystal ball" in telling us what your truck needs. After our inspection, we can determine what your tires need and adjust your truck as needed. We back our alignments with a 60 day/30,000 mile warranty.



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We have been very satisfied with Triple LLL Truck Repair. Keep up the great work!

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