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We Appreciate Our Customers

Singrey TruckingMilford, IN

After years of neglect toward my truck suspension, I decided I would like to experience a truck with no pull, wobble, or uneven tire wear (my truck suffered all three conditions). All of my problems were corrected with one visit. Fast forward seventy thousand miles and the truck still drives great. The tires are all wearing even. Great experience at Triple LLL Truck Repair!

Tom FarmsLeesburg, IN

We have had great results with three front end alignments along with quick service as well. We had an older truck with over a million miles on it, took it to Triple LLL Truck Repair for a front end rebuild, and now it drives like a new truck. We have been very satisfied with Triple LLL Truck Repair. Keep up the great work!

Ed Burns and Sons Trucking, IncDenver, IN

We have been using Triple LLL for all of our alignments on our trucks and trailers for around four years now. We had one truck that was wearing out a set of steers every six months. We had a another alignment shop align it every time we put a set on it. After two years of that we took it to Triple LLL and that set of tires lasted over a year and half before we pulled them of. We also are sending all of our brand new trucks over there to get aligned before we put them on the road. We have been amazed at how far they are out of alignment coming out of the factory. With the price of tires having our equipment aligned at Triple LLL is good insurance to get the most out of our tires.

Gauntt FarmsAndrews, IN

We had something wrong with our Peterbilt which no other service shop could identify the problem. We then took it to Triple LLL, they took their time looking it over, finally diagnosing the problem and fixing it. We appreciate the time and service they put into each and every job they do.

Advanced Ag Resources, IncWabash, IN

Coming from an operation consisting of multiple brands of older vehicles can present a real challenge when it comes to locating parts and making repairs. Triple LLL has been able to greatly reduce this challenge and help keep our trucks on the road. The staff of Triple LLL continually strive to meet the customer’s needs and adapt to the changing needs of their clientele. Handling tires, computer aided diagnostics for multiple brands, and tractor/trailer alignments.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction and a willingness to listen to what the customer’s needs are sets them apart from a lot of other competitor shops. I feel strongly about supporting our local businesses whenever possible and intend to continue doing business with Triple LLL in the future.

Marlin's TruckingNappanee, IN

To eliminate tire wear and to have your rig go straight down the road, take it to Triple LLL. I am very satisfied with the alignment on my tractor and spread axle trailer. Seems to be more precise than any other alignment shop I have used.

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