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Should I Align My Brand New Truck?

Tech Talk

You would think with the hefty price tag of new trucks and the fact that they are brand new that you should not have to align them for quite some time.

Didn’t the factory align it?

Here is a little insight of why your brand new truck should be aligned. Everything on that truck is new: wheel bearings, tie rod ends and joints, leaf springs, rubber bushings, and frame rails. I’m sure the alignment was within spec when the truck was pulled out of the factory. The thing you might not realize is once that truck shakes, rattles, and rolls down these wonderfully smooth roads we have, all of the new components will stretch, settle, and seat into place. Once this occurs, all of your alignment specs can change with any make and model of truck. This is why your new truck should be aligned.

Depending on your alignment provider we recommend aligning your truck before you put it into service. Within 60 days after it has been on the road, we recommend having the alignment checked again since all the new components should be seated. Following this recommendation will greatly reduce your tire wear.