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Do Alignments Increase Fuel Mileage?

Tech Talk

There are several things that affect fuel mileage: pay load, gear ratios, aerodynamics, vehicle itself, and alignments. I think most of us already know that the weight of the loads you haul are a factor with your mileage as well as flat roads out west verses driving up and down through the mountains. The vehicle itself also affects fuel mileage with gear ratios, horse power, and aerodynamics. Drivers themselves can greatly impact fuel mileage: idle time, use of cruise control, rpm’s, speeds driven, and how the driver starts and stops. Under-inflated tires also affect fuel mileage.

We could go on and on about everything that affects fuel mileage but what about alignments? Will an alignment help my fuel mileage? We want the least amount of rolling resistance on the tires for better fuel mileage and extended tire life. There are so many variables in fuel mileage that it is hard to prove exactly how much an alignment will help your fuel savings. We can tell you that an alignment will definitely extend tire life and give you the least amount of rolling resistance.