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Should I balance my truck?

Tech Talk

There are several ways to balance your tires. There are stick on weights, glue on weights, Equal, and Counter Force products. You can also balance with Cetramatic Balancers which have media and oil in them or Balance Masters that have mercury in them. So is balancing important and do I need to do it? If you take a low pro 22.5 tire spinning at 60 mph and it has a 5 ounce heavy spot in the tire, rim, or brake drum the 5 ounces now turns into 30 pounds. I don’t imagine you would want to hit your wheel assembly with a 30 pound sledge hammer every time it contacts the road. At 60 mph the tire is rotating 500 times per minute which would be 500 times per mile. Eventually that can out of round that tire.

Out of balance can cause excessive vibrations, irregular tire wear, and driver fatigue. So, my answer would be yes, balance your tires! Balancing will reduce vibrations and irregular tire wear on top of creating better handling and increased driver comfort. So, which form of balance do I choose? We prefer Balance Master products because they balance no matter what speed you are driving and they are backed with a 10 year warranty.